Business Transformation. Challenging Corporate Culture – Rene Carayol

Today (14 April 2014) I attended a talk by Rene Carayol on Business Transformation – Challenging Corporate Culture.  The Talk was proudly brought by Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) Below are some notes I made and thanks to Natalie Singer for all the tweets which assisted in the composing of this post.

Business Transformation – Challenging Corporate Culture 

  • The world has changed a lot and good enough is no longer good enough. Have you changed?
  • 600 Million new jobs are needed in the next decade. The worst case scenario has arrived. Recessions are man-made and not God’s creation.
  • Management saved us well in good times, these are extraordinary times. We need leadership and leadership is not the top position in the company, that’s management.
  • We need leaders who can “Make It Happen” as you can’t predict the future in today’s world, its changing too fast. Disruptive Technology is speeding up change.
  • We need a change in mind-sets towards more transformation and leadership  is a mind-set, not the top position in an organisation. Once your mind-set shifts you can lead. If it goes wrong we have a coaching opportunity
  • In South Africa we trust no one and we have a fear of failure. We don’t have a management issue, we have a Leadership issue.
  • Today’s business world is VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous)
  • Culture is the way we do things around here, everyone can copy your strategy but not your culture. Culture is what happens when the CEO leaves the room. Culture is more powerful than strategy. You cannot hide from your culture but you can change it. 80% of Companies do not craft their own culture. Talent in today’s world is choosing the organisation that fits their own culture.
  • Leadership is not management, it is how you energise your people towards your vision.
  • Management is Strategy, Plans, Tasks, Process. Leadership is Vision, People, Teams, Culture
  • Leadership is the art of Accomplishing More Than The Science of Management says is Possible. Leadership is all about Attitude & Heart and anyone can be in it. It’s not about a qualification. Experience wins all the time.
  • Choose to Manage a little less and Lead a little more. Biggest challenge for success is not Talent, it’s Leadership.
  • Top Ten Tips Business Transformation – Challenging Corporate Culture
    1. Tip 01: What do you think? Do you ask your employees or you are all the answers? Listen, engage and if it makes sense act on suggestion and acknowledge.
    2. Tip 02: Leaders tell stories, Managers talk strategy. Martin Luther never said “I have a strategy”. Capture the people’s hearts and minds
    3. Tip 03: Leaders create Excitement
    4. Tip 04: Treat your people like volunteers
    5. Tip 05: Diversity works. Diversity in experience.
    6. Tip 06: Learn, UnLearn and Re-Learn
    7. Tip 07: If you are in complete control, you’re just not going fast enough. Trust your people, delegate and get more done.
    8. Tip 08: Share the Plan and Charge the Hill
    9. Tip 09: Inspire and Challenge your People. Management is Auditing. Leadership is Inspiring.
    10. Tip 10: The World’s a stage – Tell Your Story


    Leadership Changes Society. Empower everyone in your organisation to be a Leader. They should be empowered to lead themselves and their part in the success of the organisation.
    How good is your social media? Do you know what good is being said about you and what are you doing about it? Connected world means you must know how to manage both good and bad things happening in your organisation.
    We can’t think ourselves to success any more. We have to behave our way there.
    Only Two organisations receive more than 1 million unsolicited job applications each year: Google and Proctor & Gamble – Great Cultures attract and can choose the best
    What do you stand for? Are you that leader people will sacrifice for? When you leave will people say “We have just been in the Presence of Greatness?”


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