10 Actions for Growth & Competitive Advantage – Paul Naidoo

I  must say that I really enjoyed Paul Naido‘s presentation at the APSO2012 Owner/Manager’s Conference. One of his two presentations was on “10 actions for growth and competitive advantage” Here are the 10 Actions

1. ME PTY LTD .. Get a designated accountability coach. Compete with yourself. Be better than yourself constantly.

2. Belief Systems .. Know your recession and work with your recession. Forget the worlds recession
3. Business Success Principles…what do you subscribe to. Choose what will never change. Only tactical approach will change
4. Information is Currency . Meanful information to stakeholders
5. Numbers Don’t Lie.. what will customers say about you
6. Goal Renewal
7. Change … Initiate change . What has changed since we last met?
8. Networking … Who are your stakeholders. Network . Where is it happening? Where your stakeholders are be there.
9. Low Budget Marketing.. Look for as much free publicity as you can.
10. Attitude.. My Values (what do I value. I can lose the business today but never my customer) my actions. My Behaviour ( work on your ego.) find out why you got the business and why you didn’t get the business.