10 Actions for Growth & Competitive Advantage – Paul Naidoo

I  must say that I really enjoyed Paul Naido‘s presentation at the APSO2012 Owner/Manager’s Conference. One of his two presentations was on “10 actions for growth and competitive advantage” Here are the 10 Actions

1. ME PTY LTD .. Get a designated accountability coach. Compete with yourself. Be better than yourself constantly.

2. Belief Systems .. Know your recession and work with your recession. Forget the worlds recession
3. Business Success Principles…what do you subscribe to. Choose what will never change. Only tactical approach will change
4. Information is Currency . Meanful information to stakeholders
5. Numbers Don’t Lie.. what will customers say about you
6. Goal Renewal
7. Change … Initiate change . What has changed since we last met?
8. Networking … Who are your stakeholders. Network . Where is it happening? Where your stakeholders are be there.
9. Low Budget Marketing.. Look for as much free publicity as you can.
10. Attitude.. My Values (what do I value. I can lose the business today but never my customer) my actions. My Behaviour ( work on your ego.) find out why you got the business and why you didn’t get the business.

Ten Tweets from APSO 2012 Conference

WeszMadz selection of the top ten tweets (in no particular order) during the APSO 2012 Owner/Manager’s Conference 13 June 2012

Michael Jackson ‏@the_other_mj
#apso12 looking forward to speaking at, and MC’ing the conference today! Morning APSOnauts….

Michael Jackson ‏@the_other_mj
#apso12 begins, with an intro from the President….Tabeo Magodielo talks 35 years of history and a new future

Vanessa Raath ‏@Its_About_Peopl
Let’s kick it #APSO12 – arrived late but to be expected when you come through the airport??

Natalie Singer ‏@nats_singer
Super successes #apso12 APSO recognised globally as an outstanding example of an active staffing organisation! Members should be proud!

APSO SouthAfrica ‏@APSOZA
Let’s embrace the opportunities rather than dwell on the obstacles and focus on positive contributions we make to our stakeholders #apso12

WeszMadz ‏@WeszMadz
Be afraid of your customers because those are the folks who have the money #apso12

Georgina Barrick ‏@GeorgieFB
@the_other_mj fantastic presentation @ #apso12 very dynamic interesting – highly recommended

APSO SouthAfrica ‏@APSOZA
His Excellency the Most Honourable Clem Sunter on the podium #apso12 The World & SA beyond 2012. Scenarios, flags & probability

Natalie Singer ‏@nats_singer
23000 of our 28000 schools in SA are dysfunctional. How do we fix this? Educate, empower & performance manage the principals #apso12

Vanessa Raath

“@Its_About_Peopl: Well done @APSOZA – great conference again 🙂 #apso12”