WeszMadz Top Tweets from #ITWebSocial

A selection of the Tweets I found interesting from the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2013

Mo – Ya’eesh@Mo_Yaeesh You know you’re a geek at a geek event when no ones talking to eachother and everyone is frantically typing away #ITWebSocial

@marshyp16m: Thanx to @WeszMadz and @tallulahlucy for the Social Media Summit tweets yol got me glued to my timeline #ITWebSocial

@ITWeb #ITWebSocial “Don’t let your customers have more technology than you – otherwise they’ll beat you up with it.” – @ryanhogarth

@DavidGrahamSA @weszmadz . . . and make the investment to learn, understand and master all the functions and features offered by LinkedIn #ITWebSocial

@Mo_Yaeesh Jeez these Microsoft dudes could bring about world peace with a simple presentation.. Hide your women #ITWebSocial

@Jeanine_F Except that I am freaking out & going through my feed with a fine tooth comb, @mngomezulu_n ‘s talk on SM law was amazing

@TkaySA “When great minds come together, anything is possible…” Thank you #itwebsocial

@WeszMadz Putting Social Icons on Your Website is NOT a Social Media Strategy #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Use CRM and social together to maximize revenue #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social is not a destination! It is a capability that provides a transportation service #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Get Mobile! #ITWebSocial almost every speaker is saying Go Mobile! Be Mobile!

@WeszMadz Use Hashtags to be found #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social Media Landscape is changing everyday. Change your strategy on a regular basis #ITWebSocial


@WeszMadz Companies are blocking Social Media access at work but they have follow us icons on their websites #ITWebSocial

@tallulahlucy: So in other words I’d better never say anything dodgy because I’m totally associated with my company #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Don’t bring your employer into disrepute as a result of your comments on Social Media #ITWebSocial it can be used in your disciplinary

@WeszMadz You may publish something that’s defamatory as long as you can back it up. fair comment #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz You have the right to privacy but is your expectation of that privacy reasonable #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz No platform will be a success if there is no strategy #ITWebSocial we have different platforms for a reason.

@liamarus Don’t cut and paste one post across all social media platforms #hrpulse #ITWebsocial

@WeszMadz Data is a pain point, we are the 12th most expensive Internet in the world! #ThankYouTelkom #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz There is no space for B2B on Mxit, they are no deals! It’s about search then you sorted, it’s about B2C on Mxit #itwebsocial

@Mo_Yaeesh: I think there should be a day dedicated purely to Social Media Law – Very insightful #itwebsocial

@jonmetricas @RichSimmondsZA @WeszMadz @jamaaludeen most popular users at #ITWebSocial http://twtb.in/2F7E13uhze8  via @TweetBinder

TweetBinderAccording to TweetBinder.com #ITWebSocial. WeszMadz was the Most Active User and the Most Original Tweets Generated. Oh Yes! I also won a R1000 Kalahari.com Voucher!! What a fruitful day. Thank You ITWeb!

Ten Tweets from APSO 2012 Conference

WeszMadz selection of the top ten tweets (in no particular order) during the APSO 2012 Owner/Manager’s Conference 13 June 2012

Michael Jackson ‏@the_other_mj
#apso12 looking forward to speaking at, and MC’ing the conference today! Morning APSOnauts….

Michael Jackson ‏@the_other_mj
#apso12 begins, with an intro from the President….Tabeo Magodielo talks 35 years of history and a new future

Vanessa Raath ‏@Its_About_Peopl
Let’s kick it #APSO12 – arrived late but to be expected when you come through the airport??

Natalie Singer ‏@nats_singer
Super successes #apso12 APSO recognised globally as an outstanding example of an active staffing organisation! Members should be proud!

APSO SouthAfrica ‏@APSOZA
Let’s embrace the opportunities rather than dwell on the obstacles and focus on positive contributions we make to our stakeholders #apso12

WeszMadz ‏@WeszMadz
Be afraid of your customers because those are the folks who have the money #apso12

Georgina Barrick ‏@GeorgieFB
@the_other_mj fantastic presentation @ #apso12 very dynamic interesting – highly recommended

APSO SouthAfrica ‏@APSOZA
His Excellency the Most Honourable Clem Sunter on the podium #apso12 The World & SA beyond 2012. Scenarios, flags & probability

Natalie Singer ‏@nats_singer
23000 of our 28000 schools in SA are dysfunctional. How do we fix this? Educate, empower & performance manage the principals #apso12

Vanessa Raath

“@Its_About_Peopl: Well done @APSOZA – great conference again 🙂 #apso12”