South Africa Recruiters – You Should be sourcing on Facebook #WesleySocial

I came across this article Top 20 biggest websites in South Africa. The statistics for Top websites visited by South Africans makes interesting reading for us sourcing geniuses 🙂 Bottom line the masses are on Facebook! so we should be sourcing on Facebook and as we already know they are on Google but Google takes number one and number two spots! I still believe Google Plus will make it big. For those into online advertising, I guess and should be your targets. Also note how high YouTube is… #2016 will be interesting


Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for SA’s top websites.

#MeetingsAfrica15 and #USB15 MyTweets

Meetings Africa showcases Africa’s diverse offering of services and products where African associations and African meetings industry professionals can partner to help transform our continent. Unique Speakers Bureau hosted their Premier League of Speakers Showcase during Meetings Africa Expo 2015 at the Sandton Convention Centre and thank you USB for the invite. Below are some of the Tweets I did during the event


The Twitter wall was a large digital screen!


How undersea cables are laid

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22 WeszMadz Tweets from #USB14 #MeetingsAfrica2014















WeszMadz Top Tweets from #ITWebSocial

A selection of the Tweets I found interesting from the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2013

Mo – Ya’eesh@Mo_Yaeesh You know you’re a geek at a geek event when no ones talking to eachother and everyone is frantically typing away #ITWebSocial

@marshyp16m: Thanx to @WeszMadz and @tallulahlucy for the Social Media Summit tweets yol got me glued to my timeline #ITWebSocial

@ITWeb #ITWebSocial “Don’t let your customers have more technology than you – otherwise they’ll beat you up with it.” – @ryanhogarth

@DavidGrahamSA @weszmadz . . . and make the investment to learn, understand and master all the functions and features offered by LinkedIn #ITWebSocial

@Mo_Yaeesh Jeez these Microsoft dudes could bring about world peace with a simple presentation.. Hide your women #ITWebSocial

@Jeanine_F Except that I am freaking out & going through my feed with a fine tooth comb, @mngomezulu_n ‘s talk on SM law was amazing

@TkaySA “When great minds come together, anything is possible…” Thank you #itwebsocial

@WeszMadz Putting Social Icons on Your Website is NOT a Social Media Strategy #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Use CRM and social together to maximize revenue #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social is not a destination! It is a capability that provides a transportation service #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Get Mobile! #ITWebSocial almost every speaker is saying Go Mobile! Be Mobile!

@WeszMadz Use Hashtags to be found #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social Media Landscape is changing everyday. Change your strategy on a regular basis #ITWebSocial


@WeszMadz Companies are blocking Social Media access at work but they have follow us icons on their websites #ITWebSocial

@tallulahlucy: So in other words I’d better never say anything dodgy because I’m totally associated with my company #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Don’t bring your employer into disrepute as a result of your comments on Social Media #ITWebSocial it can be used in your disciplinary

@WeszMadz You may publish something that’s defamatory as long as you can back it up. fair comment #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz You have the right to privacy but is your expectation of that privacy reasonable #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz No platform will be a success if there is no strategy #ITWebSocial we have different platforms for a reason.

@liamarus Don’t cut and paste one post across all social media platforms #hrpulse #ITWebsocial

@WeszMadz Data is a pain point, we are the 12th most expensive Internet in the world! #ThankYouTelkom #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz There is no space for B2B on Mxit, they are no deals! It’s about search then you sorted, it’s about B2C on Mxit #itwebsocial

@Mo_Yaeesh: I think there should be a day dedicated purely to Social Media Law – Very insightful #itwebsocial

@jonmetricas @RichSimmondsZA @WeszMadz @jamaaludeen most popular users at #ITWebSocial  via @TweetBinder

TweetBinderAccording to #ITWebSocial. WeszMadz was the Most Active User and the Most Original Tweets Generated. Oh Yes! I also won a R1000 Voucher!! What a fruitful day. Thank You ITWeb!

LinkedIn iPad App. WeszMadz looks into it.

Yes! Oh Yes!! I was waiting for this moment for a while. The LinkedIn iPad App!

The moment has arrived! First of all I love it.

I was looking for the the Groups functionality and couldn’t find one. Then I got excited! It’s under All Updates top left next to the LinkedIn Icon. Click and see the pull down menu.  Welcome screen has three tabs 1. All Updates 2. You 3. Inbox. This is where Groups should feature, I think. Search People is on the top right.

The All updates page is kewl! and it comes with a calendar if you activate the option on settings. When reading your inbox messages you can see the full profile of the person who sent the message including activity

Enjoy the slide show to view the app’s screen shots


Thank you LinkedIn!

The WeszMadz Top Ten SA iPad Apps

Oh Yes had to put this one out. This is not a review but I looked at the apps I have. I will be writing a separate blog post in my Top Ten SA iPhone Apps

1. News24
I love this app. It loads so fast even with one bar of edge! It fully loads in a few seconds and I can read all the News with pictures in Airplane mode at 35000 feet

News24 iPad Edition

Category: News

Updated: 17 Jan 2012

  • 8 Ratings


2. NavFree South Africa

First thing that I loved about this app is Voice command and came free! If you can’t find an address just use the built in google search!

Navfree GPS Live South Africa

Geolife Ltd.

Category: Navigation

Updated: 23 Nov 2011

  • 24 Ratings

3. WeatherSA

I love their sharing functionality. With seven Twitter accounts for me it’s touch n go


Category: Weather

Updated: 06 Mar 2012

  • 102 Ratings

4. DSTV Guide

Well done DSTV. Full schedule and reminders. Way ahead of the decoder Guide.

DStv Guide for iPad

Multichoice Mobile Operations (Pty)Ltd

Category: Entertainment

Updated: 05 Dec 2011

  • 9 Ratings

5. Private Property

There is no other like it for property. With street view.

Private Property – iPad version

Private Property

Category: Lifestyle

Updated: 13 Feb 2012

  • 9 Ratings

6. Who’s Who of Southern Africa

One of the early apps I found on iOS.

Who’s Who of Southern Africa

Category: Business

Updated: 10 Oct 2011

7. Yellow Pages

Haven’t used this app much but it comes in hand when needed. Google is still the number go to search for anything engine.

Yellow Pages SA for iPad

Trudon (Pty) Ltd

Category: Utilities

Updated: 06 Dec 2011

  • 9 Ratings

8. go! Travel SA

This app took some creative thinking and utilizing the capabilities of the iPad

go! Travel South Africa

Media24 Limited

Category: Travel

Updated: 17 Dec 2011

  • 6 Ratings

9. Business Day

First and foremost Thanks to Investec Wealth and Investment  for sponsoring this one. Best business news app.

BusinessDay iPad Edition

BDFM Publishers

Category: News

Updated: 28 Jan 2012

  • 5 Ratings

10. Supersport

Number 10 because it’s just links to main site. Supersport must develop a full app not shortcuts to main site. for iPad

Multichoice Mobile Operations (Pty)Ltd

Category: Sports

Updated: 05 Mar 2012

  • 91 Ratings

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