#WesleySocial speaks at E-Recruitment Conference May 2016

Thank you very much to Knowledge Resources for the invite to be one of their E-Recruitment Conference Speakers. We are going to have another packed 60mins! The conference is a two day event 18-19 May 2016 at Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre, Fourways | JHB.

To view more details on venue, speakers, sponsors and to book click —> E-Recruitment Conference 2016 #EREC2016

It’s time to find out more about e-recruitment and how to fit it into your HR practices. The emphasis must be on making your e-recruitment strategy more efficient through new methods and approaches! The influence of digital, social and mobile developments is big and ever changing. This means that HR professionals need to think and act strategically and combine the power of social media; job boards and application processing technology in order to win the war on talent. The E-Recruitment Conference offers both recruiters and marketer’s insight into every
facet of e-recruitment, what works and what it could mean for you. Walk away knowing you can implement an e-recruitment strategy tomorrow, know the suppliers and learn from the experts that have implemented world class strategies.

View the Conference Brochure —> E-Recruitment-LR-Brochure

I will be looking at a Case Study and presenting other cool stuff as always. See you there!

Knowledge Resources Conference

South Africa Recruiters – You Should be sourcing on Facebook #WesleySocial

I came across this article Top 20 biggest websites in South Africa. The statistics for Top websites visited by South Africans makes interesting reading for us sourcing geniuses 🙂 Bottom line the masses are on Facebook! so we should be sourcing on Facebook and as we already know they are on Google but Google takes number one and number two spots! I still believe Google Plus will make it big. For those into online advertising, I guess Google.com and Google.co.za should be your targets. Also note how high YouTube is… #2016 will be interesting


Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for SA’s top websites.

Webinar – Recruit with Social Media X-Ray Sourcing

My next Webinar is entitled “Recruit with Social Media X-Ray Sourcing” This is being hosted by APSO on 16 September 2015 from 12:00 – 13:00 SAST. This webinar is about X-Ray Sourcing. We will be sharing Step by Step understanding of X-Ray Sourcing, How to use Advanced Search Operators and what the Rules are for Search Operators.

X-Ray Sourcing – Step by Step Learning
X-Ray Sourcing – Using Advanced Search Operators
X-Ray Sourcing – Rules for Search Operators
X-Ray Sourcing – How to increase search accuracy
Think Like a Candidate

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What they say about WeszMadz – Am Honoured

Carolyn Diaz, Managing Director, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)

“Wesley has a positive attitude, is enthusiastic and extremely dedicated to his work. He has this wonderful ability to multi-task, and is continuously empowering himself with knowledge by utilising all the e-tools available in this day and age! I have absolutely no doubt that Wesley’s has a very bright future ahead of him and look forward to working with him for a long time to come.” August 27, 2008

Madeleine Du Toit, Consultant and Payroll Administrator, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)

“Wesley is a friendly Coach who I worked with directly in the past. He gave our office a lot of support, I followed his mentoring and suggestions and with that information we won several prizes at the Sales Summit for our office. He’s on top of it all and has the answers, all you need to do is ask.” September 1, 2011

Fanie Van Heerden, Owner, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)

“Wesley, in his capacity as our Group’s Sales Development Manager, is adding a lot of value to the managing of our business on a day to day basis. His positive attitude and always being available when his guidance is needed, makes him a star to work with. All our staff regard Wesley as part of our office, irrespective that our offices are in different provinces.” September 1, 2011

Kobus Schlebusch, IT Manager, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)

“Wesley is a very dedicated and resourceful person, achieving objectives and doing whatever is necessary to sustain it! Very well versed in his ability to develop and grow a business. A social media expert!!” September 1, 2011

Demitri Tambourlas, Recruitment Trainer, Demitrisays SA (colleague)

“I have met many talented and exceptional people in the staffing industry during my tenure, but none as dedicated and results driven as Wesley. He gets things done! Not only that, but his ability to embrace and drive change is beyond exemplary. He has my utmost respect and trust.” September 21, 2011

Ockie Pretorius, Manager, Express Employment Professionals SA (colleague)

“I can highly recommend Wesley for his expertise in the Staffing industry. He has helped me a lot to understand and grow my business. He is a dedicated, hard working person with great interpersonal skills and industry specific knowledge and experience” February 23, 2012

Genevieve Ellis, Recruitment Consultant, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)

“Wesley Madziva is one of the best, most talented, most knowledgable Sales Developers that I have come across. His experience and knowledge of the Sales World is vast, and there is nothing that Wesley does not know. He is always willing to extend his knowledge to others, and whatever questions you brought to him, he would answer without hesitation. Besides being a Sales Guru, he is a real motivator. When things got tough in the work place, he was always there to pick you up and motivate you to move on, try again, and get it right. It was an absolute honour to work with such an individual like Wesley Madziva.” October 18, 2012

Tamara Britz, Snr Staffing Consultant, Express Employment Professionals (colleague)
“Wesley is a coach and mentor par excellence. He always adds value, whether it is a social visit to our office, or official business. He never leaves our offices unchanged, he is like a breath of fresh air, leaving us refreshed and re-focused. His ability to recognize all people and make everybody feel important gives him tremendous influence in any situation, and enables him to motivate people to be better and empower themselves. Wesley strives for excellence in everything he does, and inspires others. He is a people’s person always carrying express’ motto -“Respecting People. Impacting Business” – close to his heart.” September 12, 2011

Njabulo Xaba, Owner, Express Employment Professionals SA, Port Elizabeth (colleague)

“Wesley is a great Team Leader and Developer. Focused with direction and knows how and what to deal with, even though our paths cross sometimes, we find a way to move forward.” September 15, 2011

Lloyd Dicks, Ethics Chair – Western Cape, APSO (ASSOCIATION OF PERSONNEL SERVICES ASSOCIATION) (business partner)

“I have worked with Wesley for a number of years in the team at APSO (Association of Personnel Services Organisations). A real people’s person, Wesley gets on with everyone. He has a passion for technology and especially social media, and was instrumental in launching and promoting the APSO Social platforms. I am proud to have my name associated with Wesley Madziva and I will be pleased to recommend him to anyone who will listen. Please feel free to give me a call.” October 11, 2011

Roodt Griesel, APSO Western Cape Chairperson, APSO (business partner)

“What can I say about Wes? A Zimbo who has made an incredible contribution in South Africa. His positive energy, willingness to walk the extra mile, good networking skills and sound business mind makes Wesley a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for your contribution at APSO. Go Wesley Go☺” October 19, 2011

Venketash (Pat) Ramadass, Systems Architect and Partner, emediaIT (business partner)

“Wesley brings enthusiasm, focus and out of the box thinking to to all things with which he is involved. His broad range of knowledge and operational understanding is invaluable in his industry. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I hope that we are able to work together again in the future.” August 15, 2008

Livingstone Sagonda, Response Handling Specialist, Affirmative Portfolios (colleague)
“Wesley is a astute business manager, coupled with people management skills and a strong knowledge of market trends and client demands. He pays attention to details and uses a hands-on approach to coach and mentor subordinates in-order to empower them in the execution of their key performance areas. It is lively and fun to relate to him in a business sense.” September 1, 2011

Diana Scott, Learning Development Director, Express Employment Professionals (academic)

“I have had the opportunity of working with Wesley since 2007. As one of the liaisons to our South African learner group, Wesley is a joy to work with! He helps make distance learning both effective and easy for both the learners in South Africa and the administrators and content developers in the U.S. Also, as an active student of our corporate university, Wesley is a lifelong learner and active contributor to our content offering. I look forward to having a long term educational and business relationship with Wesley!” September 21, 2011

Nosi Khol
Wesley is an easy to get along with person, highly adaptive, very creative and I love working with him. We are really blessed to have such rare “breed”, he is on his toes, consistent and always helpful despite whatever situation he may be in. I love that he is highly informed, is a professional and am inspired by him. October 18, 2012

LinkedIn iPad App. WeszMadz looks into it.

Yes! Oh Yes!! I was waiting for this moment for a while. The LinkedIn iPad App!

The moment has arrived! First of all I love it.

I was looking for the the Groups functionality and couldn’t find one. Then I got excited! It’s under All Updates top left next to the LinkedIn Icon. Click and see the pull down menu.  Welcome screen has three tabs 1. All Updates 2. You 3. Inbox. This is where Groups should feature, I think. Search People is on the top right.

The All updates page is kewl! and it comes with a calendar if you activate the option on settings. When reading your inbox messages you can see the full profile of the person who sent the message including activity

Enjoy the slide show to view the app’s screen shots


Thank you LinkedIn!