Webinar: Recruit with Social Media – Mastering Linkedin


Join Wesley Madziva as he explores the realm of LinkedIn with his webinar titled: Recruit with Social Media – Mastering LinkedIn 23 September 2015 12:00-13:00 SAST

If you would like to  optimise your professional LinkedIn Profile, learn to search for candidates beyond your connections  by using advanced searches and  stay up to the minute with all changes LinkedIn has  undergone, then you cannot afford to miss this webinar.

#WesleySocial will discuss:

  • Your Professional Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  • Tips for Mastering LinkedIn
  • Boolean and X-Ray Sourcing of LinkedIn Profiles
  • The One Person Every Recruiter should be connected to
  • #WesleySocial Top Daily Activity Tips
  • Company Pages
  • Groups
  • Pulse

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LinkedIn iPad App. WeszMadz looks into it.

Yes! Oh Yes!! I was waiting for this moment for a while. The LinkedIn iPad App!

The moment has arrived! First of all I love it.

I was looking for the the Groups functionality and couldn’t find one. Then I got excited! It’s under All Updates top left next to the LinkedIn Icon. Click and see the pull down menu.  Welcome screen has three tabs 1. All Updates 2. You 3. Inbox. This is where Groups should feature, I think. Search People is on the top right.

The All updates page is kewl! and it comes with a calendar if you activate the option on settings. When reading your inbox messages you can see the full profile of the person who sent the message including activity

Enjoy the slide show to view the app’s screen shots


Thank you LinkedIn!