SourceCon Johannesburg 7 Nov 2018


SourceCon is a place for sharing tools, ideas, and ways for sourcers to improve their skills and knowledge. Born out of the necessity to recognize sourcing and research as essential components of the recruitment process, the SourceCon website was launched after the first SourceCon conference in 2007. SourceCon originally began as an idea to develop an educational conference uniquely dedicated to internet and telephone researchers, sourcers, sourcing leaders, and those interested in learning more about the art and science of recruitment sourcing.

Recruiters of Johannesburg, SourceCon is coming to Africa on the 7th November 2018!

Delighted to be involved with the start of a SourceCon chapter in Johannesburg is Shane McCusker of Intelligence Software.


We have some amazing demo’s from Wesley Madziva and Vanessa Raath and great snacks care of our sponsor, 1ntelligence Software. To attend click the link below!

One thought on “SourceCon Johannesburg 7 Nov 2018

  1. Hi Wesley
    I attended the SourceCon workshop yesterday and took notes during your talk. I used your tips to source this morning and I am so impressed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I have already today sourced candidates that are perfect for the roles I’m recruiting for , I have their CV’s and they replied by email with positive interest. Being new at recruiting, this workshop has been a little goldmine for me. Thanks and travel safely. Looking forward to your next talk.

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