#WesleySocial South Africa’s Top Recruitment Instagram Accounts

I follow a few Staffing | Recruitment Instagram accounts and they are doing a fantastic job. If I have left out some, please share! And here we go in no particular order

  1. MultiSearch https://www.instagram.com/multisearch/

MultiSearch Instagram2. New Beginnings – https://www.instagram.com/nubeginningscs/

NuBeginnings Insta3. Express Employment Professionals SA – https://www.instagram.com/expresssouthafrica/

Express SA Insta4. Dalitso Consulting – https://www.instagram.com/dalitsoconsulting/


#WesleySocial at APSO National Annual Conference 2016

As the schedules for 2016 fill up….

APSOThe APSO Conference 2016 will be held on 3 & 4 March 2016 at the Indaba Hotel & Conference Centre situated North of Sandton, Johannesburg, a picturesque venue, nestled beneath the vista of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains.

This conference is open to all management, recruiters, suppliers and clients that provide services to the staffing industry

The 2016 Conference boasts one of the most sensational line up of speakers that we have ever had, including:

  • Clem Sunter – One of South Africa’s most thought provoking and entertaining speakers
  • Shane McCusker – CEO at 1ntelligence Recruitment Software and a top recruitment specialist in Social Media sourcing
  • Lorne Sulcas – International speaker, respected corporate leadership trainer
  • Dr Lyal White – Widely published in news media, academic journals and books
  • Celynn Erasmus & Joni Peddie – The FAB Quotient: offering you practical solutions to the Challenges of high stress
  • Siphiwe Moyo – Humorous motivational speaker and learning specialist
  • Marc Kahn – Global Head of Human Resources for Investec
  • Johnny Goldberg – Nationally acclaimed authority on subjects of labour law, industrial relations and BBBEE
  • Tabea Kabinde – Past President of APSO, Past Chairperson for the Employment Equity, Business Owner, Transformational Specialist and ILO Participant
  • Wesley Madziva – Passionate about Social Media Management & Training within the Human Resources and Recruitment sphere

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South Africa Recruiters – You Should be sourcing on Facebook #WesleySocial

I came across this article Top 20 biggest websites in South Africa. The statistics for Top websites visited by South Africans makes interesting reading for us sourcing geniuses 🙂 Bottom line the masses are on Facebook! so we should be sourcing on Facebook and as we already know they are on Google but Google takes number one and number two spots! I still believe Google Plus will make it big. For those into online advertising, I guess Google.com and Google.co.za should be your targets. Also note how high YouTube is… #2016 will be interesting


Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for SA’s top websites.

#WesleySocial 7 Tips When emailing Curriculum Vitaes (CV’s)


7 Tips When Emailing CV’s

1. Use a professional email address like Firstname.Surname@Gmail.com
2. Subject should contain what you do e.g Project Engineer, Forklift Driver, Personal Assistant etc
3. Always indicate your area of residence e.g Durban, Bloemfontein, Piet Retief etc
4. Do not use the words “Hi or Hie” especially in the subject line, spam servers pick that up as spam and besides you do not know the person you are emailing to. Always be professional and say “Good Day or Greetings”
5. Don’t attach certificates unless if the advert requires you to.
6. Avoid emailing compressed files such as zip files as they are considered potentially to be viruses or containing viruses
7. Write a very short message in message body stating what you are looking for and in which areas and industries.


Webinar: Wanna Become a Modern Recruiter? 7 Oct 15

According to Greg Savage, The Modern Recruiter is a Sourcing Genius | Branding & Marketing Champ | Networking Nut | Crazy about the Craft of Recruitment.

Join Wesley has he unpacks some of these points including what the principles of modern recruiting are.

In this exclusive webinar, Wesley will help you understand:

  • What is a Modern Recruiter
  • Tools To Source
  • Advertising on Social Media
  • Sourcing for Modern Recruiters
  • Principles of Modern Recruiting

Wesley is passionate about Social Media Management and Training within the Human Resources and Recruitment spheres. We are living in a socially connected business world and it is imperative that HR & Recruitment Professionals fully understand the different social media platforms and how they affect the day to day staffing challenges

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Webinar: Recruit with Social Media – Mastering Linkedin


Join Wesley Madziva as he explores the realm of LinkedIn with his webinar titled: Recruit with Social Media – Mastering LinkedIn 23 September 2015 12:00-13:00 SAST

If you would like to  optimise your professional LinkedIn Profile, learn to search for candidates beyond your connections  by using advanced searches and  stay up to the minute with all changes LinkedIn has  undergone, then you cannot afford to miss this webinar.

#WesleySocial will discuss:

  • Your Professional Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  • Tips for Mastering LinkedIn
  • Boolean and X-Ray Sourcing of LinkedIn Profiles
  • The One Person Every Recruiter should be connected to
  • #WesleySocial Top Daily Activity Tips
  • Company Pages
  • Groups
  • Pulse

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Webinar – Recruit with Social Media X-Ray Sourcing

My next Webinar is entitled “Recruit with Social Media X-Ray Sourcing” This is being hosted by APSO on 16 September 2015 from 12:00 – 13:00 SAST. This webinar is about X-Ray Sourcing. We will be sharing Step by Step understanding of X-Ray Sourcing, How to use Advanced Search Operators and what the Rules are for Search Operators.

X-Ray Sourcing – Step by Step Learning
X-Ray Sourcing – Using Advanced Search Operators
X-Ray Sourcing – Rules for Search Operators
X-Ray Sourcing – How to increase search accuracy
Think Like a Candidate

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The Challenges of Connecting with South African Jobseekers #JobAdviceSA

By Guest Blogger Tim J Barry aka African Heart Celtic Soul Consultancy

In June last year I started hosting a Twitter chat for South African jobseekers along with fellow South African Twitter aficionados in recruitment, Vanessa Raath and Wesley Madziva, called #JobRecChatSA (Job Recruitment Chat South Africa, a bit cumbersome I know). To our knowledge it was the first ever Twitter chat to help people looking for a job in South Africa connect with recruiters and get advice to assist them in their job search.

Given that more than a quarter of the adult population of South Africa are unemployed (and at least another 10% have given up all hope of getting a job), we felt that it was a worthwhile endeavour to try to help people to find jobs, even in a small way, as not many jobseekers in South Africa have access to or know where to get career advice.

As relatively few South Africans are on Twitter (and even less jobseekers), and there are very few Twitter chats hosted by South Africans on South African topics, we invited as many South African recruiters on Twitter as we knew, both to give advice and to spread the word to jobseekers, and publicised the chat in jobseekers’ groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. As we might have predicted, the first chat included only one jobseeker and half a dozen recruiters, other than me and my co-hosts. Nevertheless Peter Herring, our sole jobseeker who has remained faithful up to the most recent chat, found the experience to be very rewarding and the advice he received to be of great benefit.

Week on week we were joined by an additional jobseeker, along with high-profile representatives of the HR and recruitment industry professional bodies. The total number of participants and volume of tweets increased, and we hosted some lively discussions on issues affecting the South African jobseeker. Unfortunately the number of people taking part in the chat soon reached a plateau and, due to our busy schedules and my tech problems (my laptop is five years old, the equivalent of riding a horse and cart rather than driving a car in hardware terms), either one or two out of me, Vanessa and Wesley were unable to attend every week. We tried switching the time and day in order to attract more participants and allow the chat to fit in with our weekly schedules, but it made no difference and soon we were forced to hold the chat fortnightly rather than weekly until we had to put it on hold approaching the end of the year.

It struck me that our struggles in promoting the chat and getting jobseekers to take part mirror those of South African employers and recruiters trying to find people to fill jobs, despite their being no shortage of jobseekers. Every week we published a framing post on our respective blogs and shared it on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as inviting interested parties directly, as a recruiter would post a job spec online or a careers advisory service promote a workshop, but its reach was limited to the few who had the means and the time to find it.

Even if jobseekers are able to get online, are they members of the right groups on Facebook, do they even have a G+ account, are they connected to recruiters through their LinkedIn profile, or follow employers and regularly use Twitter?

This begs the question – how many South African jobseekers are able to register or search for jobs on job websites or find information about career advisory services and workshops, let alone connect with employers and recruiters though social media?

To reach more jobseekers we, and South African employers and recruiters, need to:

  • Ensure that the blog/careers page/website is mobile-friendly, especially to apply for jobs
  • Interact with jobseekers through an active Facebook page and post in relevant groups
  • Use IM apps to inform jobseekers about available jobs/upcoming chats

The problem for South African jobseekers is not just a matter of being able to find jobs online or having the time to do so, many either do not have a computer, laptop or mobile device that can connect to the internet, and those that do are hindered by lack of access to ADSL lines and high data charges for mobile internet usage. The majority of South Africans access the internet via a mobile device, and most of their time online is spent on Facebook, IM apps such as BBM, WeChat and WhatsApp and search engines.

Relatively few South African employers and recruiters interact with jobseekers via Facebook, post jobs or even have a Facebook page. Even fewer keep jobseekers updated of available jobs via IM apps, and even if jobseekers manage to find an employer’s careers page or recruitment agency’s website, they are not only incredibly hard to view on a mobile device but it is also impossible to apply for jobs. Hopefully South African employers and recruiters will begin adapting their methods of finding people to fill jobs so that they can access the untapped pool of talented jobseekers, rather than searching in the already saturated pond of experienced job-hoppers who are easy to reach, and help address the problem of unemployment in South Africa.

We relaunched our weekly Twitter chat connecting jobseekers and recruiters as #JobAdviceSA with the new Twitter handle @JobAdviceSA in February this year, but encountered the same problems of availability, scheduling and turnout, so the chat is not currently taking place, but I am still committed to using social media and technology to help South African jobseekers find work and ease unemployment.

The Team